Golf Swing Lag Trainer

Do you want to increase your lag but aren’t sure how? Is the lack of lag in your swing hurting your game, and your confidence? Have you tried training aids before, but found them to be ineffective, awkward, and mechanical? If so, then the Lag Shot golf swing training aid is just what you need. The Lag Shot is designed to revamp your swing in a natural and effortless way, giving your shots perfect lag and amazing power.

But What IS the Lag Shot Training Aid, Exactly?

The Lag Shot is a training club designed specifically to create your lag in swing, as well as improve various other aspects of your golf game. The Lag Shot is a comfortable 7 iron, with a flexible and whippy baby-blue shaft, and a slick jet-black clubhead. It’s suitable for players of all ages, sexes, and levels, and is available in both right- and left-hand versions. With a wear-resistant clubhead, “LagFlex” shaft technology, and a high- quality grip, the Lag Shot is the cutting edge of golf swing lag training devices. Read the Lag Shot reviews on the website.

What Can I Expect From the Lag Shot Training Club?

Unlike other training devices, you can actually hit balls with the Lag Shot. This is highly important, considering that training shots are very different from actual ones. With this level of hands-on training, what you’ll learn with the Lag Shot will translate directly into your game. But what exactly will you learn? Well, what the Lag Shot does is practically force you to perfectly “load the club”, automatically generating lag in your swing. It works on your body, arms, and hands to create ideal tempo and take more consistent shots. Importantly, the Lag Shot reduces pain in the body and stress on the joints, making it the perfect training club for players suffering from pain or arthritis issues.

The Lag Shot is engineered to effortlessly create lag, and improve the timing (i.e. sequencing) of your swing. You’ll experience a fluid transition that automatically stores tremendous power, without overswinging. A zero-tension, fast, and effortless downswing will let you reach maximum clubhead velocity at impact. All this will greatly add to your distance, as well as your accuracy. You’ll be finding more fairways, hit more greens in regulation, and shoot lower scores overall. You’ll develop confident and consistent iron play, that will eliminate over-reliance on short game and putting. Best of all, results are noticeable within as little as 15 minutes, and are significant and long-lasting.

How Can I Get the Lag Shot?

The Lag Shot is available for sale exclusively on For a limited time only, this game- changing training club is not only $50 off, it also comes with a 30 days money back guarantee! If it doesn’t improve your game in 30 days, you can send it back for a full refund. But rest assured, it WILL improve your game. The Lag Shot comes highly recommended by a number of PGA teachers and professionals (as well as countless amateur golfers), so you know you’re getting the very best training aid out there.

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