Real Golf Detenerife Golf Club

<strong>Procedure to join the Club.</strong>
They must submit an application form provided by the Club , with your personal details and signatures of two partners supporting their income owners.

In addition letters from the presenters partners as well as two photographs of the family unit must be attached .

<img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-42″ src=”” alt=”” width=”250″ height=”170″ />The process usually takes about sixty days from the submission of the required documentation. The application and documents required to pass the Board to give its approval and authorize the exhibition at the Club notice board for fifteen days if you qualify . After the period of exposure on the bulletin board, the application goes to the next session of the Board for final acceptance or rejection.
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Once you accepted the applicant has a period of one month to make the payment of participation.

The amount payable consists of the value of participation itself as the exercise in question, the share of the club (which is a non-refundable amount in case of sale) and taxes that are applicable.

After buying the stake, the owner partner is obliged to pay the monthly installments, the claims which are approved and club services that are billed directly to user members. The ownership of these charges accrues interest until it is transferred to another owner, after spending his turn by the official book sale which must register those wishing to sell such participation ..

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Temporary …- Partners:
The requirements to formalize their income only differ with respect to the applicable owners partners, applicants must be not ordinarily resident in Tenerife or people with temporary destination on the island.

Once accepted must pay an annual fee and taxes are applicable. As for the monthly fees will be charged at 10%, 20% and 30%, respectively, the next three years on the couta to pay the owner partner, and temporary member may maintain its status temporality only during those three years maximum confirming their interest annually at the Club.

After three years you may choose to become a partner or leave the club owner. If you choose to become a partner owner must submit new application and the annual fee will be deducted from the entry couta Club as owner.

Family …- Cards:
Both owners partners as temporary members may request the Club family cards for their spouses and unmarried children under thirty years with the agreed increase in the monthly fee.

…- Absences:
The owners and partners number may request to be absent from the island for periods exceeding six months, the condition of absent, giving the membership card and losing the right to correspondence; going to pay 50% of the monthly couta. This situation of absence must be confirmed annually in case of persistence. You could also check on<a href=””> best golf clubs.</a>

…- Competitions:
All partners with federative license and handicap may participate in the competitions held in the Club attending to the standards published in each case.